How to Protect Children from Online Identity Theft with mSpy

Internet now becomes one of the most important needs. Now, almost everyone uses internet since they are children. Internet makes everything easy. However, you have to know about the dangers of internet. One of the most popular cases is online identity theft. Of course, it is not a small problem because it can cause great dangers. Therefore, you have to protect your family against online family theft. In this case, what you need is mSpy. [Read more…]

MSpy for Children Protection from Sex Predator

The cases of sexual insulting are very great. Even more, many of them are unreported. So, it is difficult to determine when one case happens. What makes it worse is sex predator that is more and more popular. If children are no educated about sex, they will have high risk to be the victims. It is shocking that the assaulters can be known people or strangers. Therefore, you have always to monitor your children activities especially on their devices like social media. You can do this easily using MSPY. [Read more…]

Cyber Bullying and mSpy


No one can diminish the impact internet had on our civilization. But, same as every other great invention, the global network is also sometimes used for bad things. One of those issues is cyber-bullying. This problem is, unfortunately, very common, although it seems people don’t like talking about it. What is most worrying is that kids are often victims of online bullying and many of them can’t cope with it. [Read more…]

Online Threats that will Harm Children and How to Protect Them

cyber bullying

The possibilities by which a smartphone can become a potential threat to your child’s safety and security just get amplified with time. There seems to be no respite to the number of crimes against children that keep getting reported and if analyzed closely, the connection of a smartphone in each one of these is impossible to miss.

Merely thinking about the number of incidents that may be going undetected makes you shudder.

Who lurks in your child’s smartphone? Is there are predator that you are not aware of? A sexual stalker maybe? [Read more…]

How to Keep Children Safe when Using a Smartphone

For most children these days, owning a smartphone is like a rite of passage into their teen years. It’s almost an unambiguous decision that’s not even open for dialogue. Have a child who’s over 10? Get ready to buy them a smartphone in the next year or two.

Giving your child a phone does have its perks. It gives you the peace of mind and the convenience of knowing where the child is in case of missed transport or a practice that ended late. [Read more…]