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mSpy Review – Are you looking for a way to track activity on a smart phone or computer via a remote location? If so, you should know that purchasing and utilizing mobile monitoring software will be the best way to gain access to data from a host of electronic devices. Mobile phone spy app has been vital on how it protects our loved ones and careers. It has also been used to watch our employee’s activity to secure our business. In order for the application to work, we need access to the person’s device for tracking it.

To help you learn about one of the best, we’ve compiled a factual my Spy App or mSpy Review.

What is Mspy ?

mSpy is a monitoring application that you can use to watch all the activities of the user. It monitors and records GPS history, web history, images, videos, emails, SMS, Skype, Whats App, keystrokes and many other things.

People use this program to protect their children and/or to keep their employees on track. It’s a sensible, cost-effective choice for anyone who wants to know what people are up to! By using this application, we can prevent fraud, theft, bullying and other innocuous things that can harm our children on the web.mspy review This convenient, easy-to-use and affordable monitoring and safety app is available for smart phones or computers. It is also known as one of the most popular monitoring programs in the world.

Millions of happy customers worldwide have used this app and it tracks every bit of activity which takes place in the background of selected smart phones or computers. When you choose this program, you’ll experience the greatest monitoring software as well as enjoy 24/7 customer support. A team of this mobile spy product will be standing by to answer questions, help you master the program and give solution to any problems. These polite professionals are never off the job!

The prices vary from $17.00 to $30.00 and are well worth the investment. Our children are invaluable and we cannot put a price on their lives. One parent was so happy about using this product that he wrote this:

“Being a single father of two teenagers, I tend to worry a lot. However, since I started using it, I no longer have sleepless nights wondering if they are out with friends or at the movies when they should be safe at home. Now that I’m able to monitor their location and text activity with this software, I can finally rest easy. Thank you!” – Juan.

If this sounds good to you, read on and discover this app functions and features .…

Key Features & How To Install

My Spy Features

This mobile application does it all and it’s very simple to use. It features a user-friendly and intuitive interface which help users prevent theft and watch the work performance. Classified as a mobile monitoring app, this program will run on a chosen device and then track every bit of activity that takes place on that device!

Information which is tracked will include call log histories, GPS locations, updates to calendars, text messaging, email, web histories and a lot more. It’s so easy to buy this app and then create an online account for mSpy. The company offers step-by-step “getting started” instructions to its valued clientage.

Now, let’s review each mSpy feature, one by one…

spy app

Call Management

Do you want to see every incoming and outgoing call, along with information about how long calls lasted and when they were placed? When you choose this app, you’ll get your wish!

Text Message Tracking

This spy app is designed to give you access to all texts and multimedia messages which are transmitted or received by the smart phone’s user.

Email Access

When you buy this mobile monitoring app today, you’ll be able to see what workers are doing. If they are crafting personal emails on company time, you’ll be able to read everyone. If you’re a parent, you may use this program to ensure that your child isn’t exchanging messages with the wrong people.

In a world with many online predators, this feature is absolutely vital!

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GPS Location Tracking

feature-item-track-gps-locationIf you want this program to track the GPS location of a particular smart phone, you may configure the app so that it provides this valuable service. This will be helpful if you want to know where your child is or whether or not a staff member is telling the truth about being caught in traffic.


Geo-fencing is a unique feature that sets a virtual barrier so that when the device enters a restricted zone, we receive a notification. We can set an unlimited number of forbidden zones, monitor when and how often they are visited, receive an email about each entry and exit of the zones, and view the history of where the device moved on a map.

This feature is invaluable to parents so we can monitor where our kids are at all times. When we create zones around schools and home, our children cannot leave those areas without us being notified. If the tragedy does occur, this application can help us using the Amber Alerts. When we install this app on our own devices, we can protect sensitive information by knowing the whereabouts of our devices and locating them or remotely wiping them clean.

Internet Usage Monitoring

mSpy App will allow you to see every URL that a smart phone user visits while he or she is utilizing a cell phone browser. This information will give you the inside scoop on whether or not a smart phone user is visiting appropriate websites.

This Usage Monitoring feature will help you to protect your kids and keep the time management on track with employees and give you the power to enforce Internet usage rules at your company.

In fact, it will help you to find out more about the habits and interests of anyone who is using the phone to surf the World Wide Web.

Calendar and Address Book Tracking

Do you want to see which new contacts are being added by user into the address book of a smart phone? Would you like access to information about each event that user adds to a smart phone’s digital calendar? If the answer to these questions is, “yes”, then you’ll be pleased to know that this monitoring app delivers.

IM Tracking and Details

With m Spy at your disposal, you’ll be able to send and receive messages which are generated via a host of popular IM platforms, including WhatsApp, iMessage, Skype and Viber. You’ll be primed to look over a variety of social medial accounts and see what texts say.

Control Applications and Software Programs

If you want to decide which applications and software programs a phone’s user may use, you’ll be pleased to know that m-Spy lets you makes all decisions. This is great for parents, as limiting access to inappropriate apps and programs will help you to keep your child’s Internet usage wholesome.

Multimedia File Viewing

Are you interested in seeing pictures and videos which user stores on a selected phone or computer? You’ll get instant access to videos and photos when you select mSpy.

The Features Are Almost Endless

As well, you’ll be able to remotely erase information or lock down a phone or computer, so data doesn’t go where it isn’t supposed to. You’ll also have the power to access comprehensive reports on smart phone usage. This is great for those who want to monitor phone or computer assortment at one time.

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How To Install mSpy ?


We will get mSpy delivered electronically. After purchasing, we will receive an email with installation instructions. The email will contain a link that we can typed into the browser of the monitored device, download it and install the application. The installation process takes about ten minutes to complete.

In the initial email, we receive the order information, order date, reference number, a link to the log-in in the control panel and the username and the password to our accounts. Sometimes we get the information on spam or trash folder. If nothing shows up in the inbox after purchasing, check the spam and trash folders.

If there are any problems with accessing the account or with the installation, customer service agent will be available all day everyday by phone, chat and email. They will be more than happy to assist us with their monitoring endeavors.

The installation process is easily, but if you want to do jail breaking on your device, you might get a difficulty to do it. mSpy offers a service called mAssistance which can help you installing and doing the rooting and jail breaking from far distance with an additional fee. People who want to use this service must contact the customer service after purchasing mSpy to set up the time when they begin the installation process. So that, they can help you installing mSpy on the targeted phone through Teamviewer program.

Product Packages & Compability

License Packages

The licensing options consist of time frames of 1 month, 3 months and 1 year. There is also basic edition and premium edition.

Basic – A basic subscription contains features to monitor text messaging, MMS, call history, contact lists, website history, calendar, notes and tasks.

Premium – The premium edition includes more monitoring features including, monitoring social network and Instant Messaging Application (Whats App, Skype,Snapchat, Vyber, Line, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts), key-logger and Geo-fencing. It also includes basic license features like monitoring text messaging and MMS, call history, call lists, website history, calendar, notes, tasks, installed applications, GPS site.

Prices vary depending on the license and monitoring packages that we choose. The order page requires the name, address, telephone number and country for the purchaser. We also need to enter the credit card information.

The website accepts various payment options for purchasing the application. Some of them are Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Trust Pay, Wire transfer, JCB, Fax, Diners Club, Union Pay, Ali pay, Chinese Debit Card, Qiwi Wallet and many other forms of payment.

mSpy can be purchased from anywhere around the world when we have any of the acceptable forms of payment. We will get this spy app through email, so it is quick and convenient to get access to. The information is also available in a multitude of languages. It is also available for use in any browser.

Phone Compatibility


The application works with all versions of Android phones. We do not need to root our android phone to use the basic features including phone records, app history, contacts, location sim card change, texting and other basic services. To enjoy the advantages of a premium package, we have to root the targeted phone. It has to trace IM apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and others.


mSpy allows us to do monitoring without jail-breaking if the iCloud credentials are known. If it is not jail-broken, we my not be able to use the basic features. Also, if the iCloud backup is not activated, it is possible that the access is denied. Contact customer service for further instructions. In order to use premium features, we should set the device as jail-broken to be able to download the software outside of the apple store. Instructions and information how to monitor an iPhone without jail-breaking is available on their website

How Its Works & Comparison With Other Spy Software

How This Spy App Works ?

When we get the username and password in the email, it allows us to log-in to our own account where all the exported information is being stored. The application then sends the information to an address. It is actually a server that stores our data. The control panel is also user-friendly and has easy navigation to begin monitoring.

The application send and upload the data every 10 minutes and we will receive the comprehensive information every 24 hours since the last backup. User can watch the iPhones remotely even if the application is not installed. The no jailbreak option allows a device to be monitored even without permissions. This option is available using the apple ID and password. To do that, user needs to activate the iCloud backup feature.

Parents can monitor their children without physically taking the phone and this method might be the best approach for tracking teenagers. More information on what activities we can monitor is available through customer support.

Comparison With Other Mobile Monitoring Programs

There are a lot of similar mobile phone monitoring applications in the market, but mSpy is still the best mobile monitoring program today and has more than one million users who use this application.

mSpy app is also the only application with ability to monitor iPhone without jail breaking, while the other similar apps cannot do it. For those who want to track iPhone but are afraid if they must do jail breaking on target’s iPhone, then mSpy offers the solution that other apps cannot offer.

feature-item-supportOn the other monitoring programs, users have to buy one license for one device, and if users change their device, the license cannot be transferred or used on different device. mSpy also offers one license for unlimited device change, so you do not have to worry if the target changes the device.

I have compared m Spy with other mobile monitoring programs. Most of them charge users when they want to get the support for installation or if there is some problems with the program. It is very different from this mobile spy app which will lead you to install the program freely. You will even get 7×24 hours support through email or live chat.

Conclusion & Why You Should Buy

We suggest you to visit the official m-Spy website and get this easy-to-use program today. Its features will give you incredible access that is really empowering. Whether you are a manager who wants to monitor the performance on employee’s computers or smart phones, or a concerned parent who wants to do what is best for your child’s development and well-being, you will find that this program provides exceptional benefits for a fair price. As well, you’ll love having access to around the clock support.

This monitoring app will never let you down. You’ll be able to keep tabs on everything and you’ll be able to make sure that you are using devices as you use to be. Without this program, you may not able to manage your staff effectively or shield your child from harm.

So, what are you waiting for? Take control by investing in this affordable monitoring app today. Whether you choose mobile monitoring or computer monitoring program, you’ll access high-quality features and reliable performance. As well, the learning curve will be very short, as this program is easy for anyone to learn and use.

Treat yourself to the very best spy app. Purchase your own copy today! When you do, you’ll discover features like I told you on this mspy reviews article. It will put you in control of how the mobile phones are used.


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  1. Frederikke Hansen says:

    I work a lot and my children are my number one priority. This has led to many issues that have come out of their use of the internet without me being around to monitor it. mspy now gives me the opportunity to monitor their use of the internet, without even having to be physically there to do so.

    It’s really a brilliant mechanism, and no I never have to worry about them again. Children are mischievous, and even when they don’t mean to be, they just find themselves in hot water unbeknownst to everybody. Not the protection and oversight I provide when I’m with them, can be around even when I’m not there, which is incredibly valuable for somebody in my shoes.

    You’ll be amazed by how well it works, and you can use it for a multitude of things. I have some friends in the business world who use it to monitor employee progress, with fantastic results. I’d have to agree that this software is definitely multifaceted, and in my experience, beats the competitors in every way.

    By the way, I must mention their customer support. I’m not exactly the most tech-savvy person, so I got confused at a few of the options. I called customer support, and in a matter of minutes, they made sure I understood everything I needed to know about the software. Excellent support!!

  2. I personally use this software for business purposes, but I have now just begun using it for my children who have reached the age now where the internet has become their new playground.

    I grew concerned after hearing stories of children being preyed on by predators, and for finding themselves in sticky situations that might both get them in trouble and offend them. I already knew of the power of mspy app due to the fact that I run a small business that due to my family life, make it impossible for me to be at work all of the time — and at home also.

    I can’t be in two places at once, and whilst this software doesn’t completely alleviate this issue, it still provides me with at least some solace in knowing things aren’t buckling in the absence of my presence. Productivity in my business is a number one concern, and without me being there, sometimes the absence of leadership makes productivity fall.

    People may argue that using this kind of software is micromanagement to an unproductive extent, but merely monitoring the productivity of employees to ensure no lapses take place is essential in this volatile business climate. I simply cannot afford to let things slip, and if that means I need to have a tight hold of the business than that’s what has to be done.

    This double use of work and home means I can have an all in one system for both worlds that make up my life. No malicious attacks will occur against my children due to any alone time they have with their computers, and no gigantic misuses of productive time will happen without my knowing.

    For anybody on the fence about this software, I can assure you that it won’t be a purchase left without benefits and results. It’s simple and easy to use, and the fluidity between the devices it monitors is slick and fast. The support system that comes with this spyapp will also provide you with assistance throughout any issue you encounter, or any query your find yourself possessing.

  3. Troy Piedalue says:

    First, a bit about myself. I’ve got two boys – 8 and 10 years old – and they play A LOT of computer games. I used to lock them out of their computers if nobody were around to monitor them. Call me overprotective but with the Internet, you can access almost anything today and I didn’t trust my young boys with such a powerful medium to the outside world. A friend told me about this tool and I’ve been using it ever since. The controls are intuitive and I my kids Internet access is fully monitored the moment they sign on. This gives me a more “hands-off” approach of keeping my kids protected. The kids are much happier too because nobody is constantly poking around behind them! I use my Android device to monitor them whenever I’m out of town. Easy access, intuitive controls, decent price – I would highly recommend this to any concerned parent.

  4. Benjamin P. Sadowski says:

    Many times my life requires me to be on the road, leaving my business in the hands of my competent yet leadership dependent employees. They are trustworthy, as I wouldn’t have anything less, but the business needs structure and control to make sure it doesn’t go off the rails. Unfortunately, this requires me to be there, which I cannot do all of the time, every waking moment, without fail. I needed a software program that could be my all seeing eye when I needed it most, which for me happens more often than I would like. Being away for one hour or so is ok, but being away for weeks on end is a disaster waiting to happen. Even if my employees are the most competent and independent thinking people in the working force, weeks without having the leader of the business around will inevitably cause issues. Issues that I cannot afford. mSpy has been a life saver, and without it, I’m sure I’d be sitting there paranoid during my long absences from work.

  5. I work at a big center in India, and must say this spy app is a timesaver and great tool to have. My employees productivity rate has a big difference after they were monitored by this.

  6. jeel patel says:

    dear all,
    i understood most topic regard the mspy however,i want to know that does the device that i want to track is physically needed to me as i want to monitor the device is out of works local mobile operator.i want to install mspy application on my laptop to monitor the same device but the device which i want to spy is not possible to get physically .so let know me that can i track it having the mobile number.i have the mobile number only and i know which device he use

    waiting for your kind support

  7. pragati surana says:

    I want this software for one month

    • Hi you can cancel the recurring payment before they charge you on the second month, so you can use it only for one month

  8. sumit saxena says:

    I am from India. I want to buy this. but I have lots of enquiries. I want to talk with you. I am unable to talk in English. can I talk in Hindi.
    there is any Hindi translator or executive.
    plz call me
    +91 9807155486

    • I’m sorry mspy still didn’t support hindi language at this time, but you can contact their support at their website, maybe they will help you

  9. Can we hide the app? Can we spy without letting them know?

  10. sumit saxena says:

    does it work in India

  11. sumit saxena says:

    what is deferent between Premium License and basic license

    • the different is on the features, you can’t monitor chat application with basic license

  12. Alphaxad kaindowa says:

    Is’t possible to re-install the program and install it again. Because it’s monitoring my own number,tell me if there is another way.

  13. Hi,

    I want to buy this app can you please let me know price of only one moth subscription.

  14. why don’t you put a phone number under contact info. maybe I don’t like to text. want a real person to talk to.

    • because this is not official mspy website, you can find phone number on their website

  15. Hi, you are doing a great job, i need to know before buying this product,
    1. my phone is galaxy s4 and target phone is galaxy s3, can this work? or the s3 is old for the product?
    2. do i need to ROOT our phones in due to view whatsapp chat & receiveing screenshots? or i dont need to root anything? and Thank you so much .

    • 1. If galaxy 3 using android 4+ version, you can use it
      2. yes you need to root android device to monitor whats app, if you can’t root the device by your self, you can purchase mspy with mAssistance to root your device

  16. I have 3 queries:
    1. Can this be installed in android 5.02 version unrooted android device with top of line antivirus in it without making it recognisable ?
    1. Does it record whatsapp and wechat in unrooted android device?
    2. How you uninstall this software remotely once the monitoring period is completed.

    • 1. yes you can use it on android 5.02
      2. you need to root android device to record whatsapp adn wechatt application, mspy team will help you to do that remotely, so you don’t have to worry (you need to purchase mspy with mAssistance to root/jailbreaking targeted device)
      3. no you need physhically contact with targetted device

  17. Im a single parent and I rely on this tool very much to check on my children’s internet use. I would never let my children check the internet alone if they were not being monitored. Easy to use on my iphone and Samsung tablet. Installation was also fast for me. Overall very good.

  18. Hi,

    Am I able to download it without access to the target phone?

  19. Concerned mom says:

    Can i track an iPhone with an android phone?

  20. Does tracking of snapchat require jailbraking on target phone and intercepting phone? (I.e. Target phone is an iPhone and intercepting phone is android)

  21. How long does it take to install

  22. my phone is galaxy huawi and target phone is iPhone 4, can I monitor iPhone?

  23. Hi…
    my phone is huawi and target phone is iPhone 4, can I monitor iPhone?

  24. With this app can I see facebook messanger secret conversations?