How to Spy WhatsApp by using mSpy?

whatsappOwned by Facebook, WhatsApp has been one of the most popular instant messaging services since its initial launch in early 2010. Why people love using this app is that it allows them to send messages across different platforms. Another great thing about it is that it is fairly easy to use and on top of all, very fast. It only takes a moment to send a message, whether it’s a written message, audio recording, or an image.

But because this app is so easy to use, people have found ways to misuse it. There were reports of WhatsApp being used in corporate espionage. For that reason, business owners started thinking about programs for tracking classified information that might get leaked by their employees. The same was the case with worried parents who needed a way to see whether their children might be threatened by risk behavior. [Read more…]

How to Monitor Skype With mSpy?

skypeSkype is one of the most reliable apps for communication. It can be used both for textual messaging and video calls. But because it’s so practical to use, Skype is often used for all kinds of purposes that might not be considered legit. According to the National Security Agency of the United States, a few years ago this app was used by the Islamist terrorists to recruit new ISIS members.

According to the same agency, the threat has been solved, but Skype remains one of the most misused messaging apps. That is why many parents are worried that their children might not get into problems by using it. If you are among those, a solution might be rather simple – tracking your child’s Skype conversations. [Read more…]

Using mSpy to Spy Facebook Messages


With over 1.71 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular social media network. Same as any other widely-used app, Facebook too is not immune to misuses. Although Facebook policies state that the minimum age of their users is 13 years, sometimes children even younger than that get the access to it. Because of that, many parents are worried about how their children spend their time on this website. That’s why a lot of them are looking for a way to monitor how their kids spend time on the internet. [Read more…]

Cyber Bullying and mSpy


No one can diminish the impact internet had on our civilization. But, same as every other great invention, the global network is also sometimes used for bad things. One of those issues is cyber-bullying. This problem is, unfortunately, very common, although it seems people don’t like talking about it. What is most worrying is that kids are often victims of online bullying and many of them can’t cope with it. [Read more…]

How to Spy Snapchat Using mSpy?

snapchatSince it was released 5 years ago, Snapchat has become one of the most popular instant messaging services. In fact, it is so popular that more than 100 million users are sending 4 times as many messages each day!

If you are not aware how it works, the whole point of Snapchat is that you can send disposable pictures, which do not stay longer than 10 seconds on the mobile device of the recipient. Because of this, Snapchat leaves a lot of room for misuse, especially by the younger population. This is the reason why many parents have started thinking about software for monitoring their children Snapchat messages. [Read more…]

Using mSpy for Monitoring Employees

Christopher Nolan’s epic film ‘Inception’ starts with a scene that depicts corporate espionage in its most futuristic form, where a group of ‘Dream stealers’ invade a competitor’s dreams to steal corporate secrets. While the possibility of that happening anytime soon seems remote, there is a very real risk of your critical business data being sold to your competitors.

In most cases, the perpetrator is a disgruntled employee who has been fired or reprimanded by your firm. Even if this is not a possibility, there’s always a risk of a competitor using unscrupulous methods like bribes to gain access to sensitive data or asking one of your employees to spy for them. In a business environment that thrives on the internet and with a million mobile apps that can conceal their tracks, an employee can very easily do this and get away with it without being detected. [Read more…]

Online Threats that will Harm Children and How to Protect Them

cyber bullying

The possibilities by which a smartphone can become a potential threat to your child’s safety and security just get amplified with time. There seems to be no respite to the number of crimes against children that keep getting reported and if analyzed closely, the connection of a smartphone in each one of these is impossible to miss.

Merely thinking about the number of incidents that may be going undetected makes you shudder.

Who lurks in your child’s smartphone? Is there are predator that you are not aware of? A sexual stalker maybe? [Read more…]

How to Monitor Mobile Phone without Jailbreaking with mSpy


It goes without saying that no other Smartphone or operating system can offer the fluidity and the amazing user interface that comes with an Apple product. If your child demands an iPhone, then it’s probably because most of their friends use it too. But if you have been using a mobile spy software to monitor their activities on their current mobile phone, then switching over to an iPhone may bring additional challenges that you were unaware of.

IPhones can only use and download content from Apple’s official store and third party applications don’t work on their phones, unless they are jailbroken. Jailbreaking is a technique which allows any third party application to be installed on an iPhone. But it also increases the risk of malicious content being installed on the phone. And moreover, the user would immediately know that the phone has been tampered with, especially if it was not jailbroken earlier. [Read more…]

How to Monitor Android Phone using mSpy without Rooting

The decision to give your child a smartphone will make them overjoyed. Monitoring what they do with the phone will keep you relieved. You can do both and ensure that the child doesn’t feel deprived in a socially hyperactive environment and also ensure that your child is not exposed to some of the grave threats that the internet can pose to their security and safety.

There are some really amazing programs that can help you monitor almost everything that your child does online. At the forefront is mspy, which has quickly risen to the #1 selling mobile spy program on the internet due to its ease of use, competitive pricing and amazing features. One of these features is the ability to monitor an android phone without rooting it. [Read more…]

How to Keep Children Safe when Using a Smartphone

For most children these days, owning a smartphone is like a rite of passage into their teen years. It’s almost an unambiguous decision that’s not even open for dialogue. Have a child who’s over 10? Get ready to buy them a smartphone in the next year or two.

Giving your child a phone does have its perks. It gives you the peace of mind and the convenience of knowing where the child is in case of missed transport or a practice that ended late. [Read more…]